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Author Morris, Cora
Volume 43(3); 515-518
Year of publication 1931
Type Book

12  Title 'Form' and 'function' in Soviet stage Romani: Modeling metapragmatics through performance institutions
Author Lemon, Alaina
Volume 48; 479-494
Year of publication 2002
Type Book

13  Title 'Gypsies' plight overlooked when we remember the holocaust
Author Anon
Publication Hungarian and Hungarian Gypsy Songs from Argentina.
Volume 111-124
Issue August
Year of publication 2005
Type Book

14  Title 'Inside' and 'outside' Spanish flamenco: Gender constructions in Andalusian concepts of flamenco tradition
Author Malefyt, Timothy D.
Issue Fall
Year of publication 1998
Type Book

15  Title 'Intonatorische' Formula im Kalderaš und Sofia-Erli
Author Grigoriva, Evelina
Publication In Birgit Igla & Thomas Stolz, eds, Was Ich Noch Sagen Wollte A Multilingual Festschrift for Norbert Boretzky on Occasion of his 65th Birthday
Publisher Akademie Verlag
Volume 369-388
Year of publication 2001
Place of publication Berlin
Type Article

16  Title 'Sterilization with grant' of Gypsies in Czechoslovakia
Author Pellar, Ruben
Publisher UNESCO Report
Year of publication 1991
Place of publication Ste-Honorine
Type Book

17  Title + ???
Author Shorter, Clement K.
Publisher Studien Verlag-Gaismar
Year of publication 1919
Place of publication Innsbruck
Type Book

18  Title A pocketful of hops
Author Andrews, Rene, et al.
Publisher Romani Pryikl (Romano Centro)
Year of publication 1988
Place of publication Graz
Type Book

19  Title L'image du gitan dans le cinema
Author Gautier, Gerard Louis
Volume 129-151
Year of publication 1984
Type Book

20  Title Romani
Author Matras, Yaron
Publication In K Versteegh, ed, Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics
Publisher Lincom Europa
Volume 39289
Year of publication to appear
Place of publication Munich
Type Article

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