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21  Title The Education of Gypsy and Traveller Children
Author O'Hanlon, Chris, & Pat Holmes
Volume 41(2): 189-210
Year of publication 2004
Type Article

22  Title What are they writing about us Blacks? Roma and race in Russia
Author Lemon, Alaina
Volume 13(2): 34-40
Year of publication 1995
Type Book

23  Title ''Defiant Bodies'': Power, Freedom and the ''Gypsy''
Author Cauthery, Bridget
Publisher Kids' Own Publishing Partnership
Year of publication 2001
Place of publication Ballintogher
Type Book

24  Title ''Intonatorische'' Formula im Kalderaš und Sofia-Erli
Author Grigoriva, Evelina
Publisher Portál
Year of publication 2001
Place of publication Prague
Type Book

25  Title ''Luck of the Road'': Problems of Fieldwork among Gypsies
Author DiGiacomo, Susan
Publisher International Gypsy Publications.
Year of publication 1983
Place of publication Seattle
Description Vlax: american kalderash
Type Book

26  Title ''This Wild Gypsy Dream'': The Gypsy in Nineteenth Century British Imagination
Author Champagne, Michele
Publisher CISU
Year of publication 2002
Place of publication Rome
Type Book

27  Title ''Your eyes are green like dollars'': Counterfeit cash, national substance and currency apartheid in 1990s Russia
Author Lemon, Alaina
Volume 31-33
Issue November/December
Year of publication 1998
Type Book

28  Title 'Borat'' highlights anti-Gypsy prejudice, but a scholar of the Roma isn’t offended
Author Monaghan, Peter
Volume 54(1): 56-60
Year of publication 2006
Type Article

29  Title 'Borrow-d scenes'
Author Doyle, Arthur Conan
Volume 26(1); 33-54
Year of publication 1913
Type Book

30  Title 'For the protection of the children': the politics of minority childhood in Ireland
Author Helleiner, Jane
Publisher Haag & Herschen Verlag
Year of publication 1998
Place of publication Frankfurt
Type Book

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