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81  Title A Cigányok változó Jelenünkben
Author Bencsik, János
Volume 17(8); 6-7
Year of publication 1982
Type Book

82  Title A Circus Child
Author Patterson, José
Volume VIII(1); 2-26
Issue January/February
Year of publication 1986
Type Book

83  Title A Classification of European Romani dialects, with samples from the Lord's Prayer in several dialects
Author Grant, Anthony
Publisher Manesse Verlag
Year of publication 1993
Place of publication Zürisch
Type Book

84  Title A classification of Gypsies in Hungary
Author Erdos, Kamill
Volume 7-15
Year of publication 1978
Type Book

85  Title A classification of Romani: Calo
Author Ziegler, Douglas
Publication Acton, T. & M. Dalphinis, (eds.) Language, Blacks and Gypsies.
Publisher Francisci Editore
Year of publication 1981
Place of publication Padua
Type Book

86  Title A comparative Dictionary of Gypsy dialects in Hungary
Author Vekerdi, József
Publisher Ternart
Year of publication 2000
Place of publication Sofia
Type Book

87  Title A Comparative Health Survey of the Inhabitants of Roma Settlements in Hungary,
Author Kósa Zsigmond, György Kardos, Karolina Kósa, Renáta Németh, Sándor Országh, Gabriella Fésüs, Martin McKee, Róza Ádány, Zoltán Vokó, & U.T. Cobleigh
Publication American Journal of Public Health
Volume 97(5): 853-859
Year of publication 2007
Type Article

88  Title A comparative study Indian Gypsy dance and Spanish Flamenco
Author Supply, Aagje
Volume 01-03
Issue ursday, May 5
Year of publication 1994
Type Book

89  Title A comparative study of some aspects of the socio-economic structure of Gypsy/Ghor communities in Europe and in Andhara, Pradesh, India
Author Rathore, B Shyamala Devi
Year of publication 1996
Place of publication Seville
Type Book

90  Title A comparative vocabulary of the language of European Gypsies or Romnichal, and colloquial Hindustani
Author Kirkpatrick, W.
Publication In, Extraordinary Groups.
Issue May
Year of publication 1913
Type Book

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